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Moreover, backpacks have a sleek urban look that matches the adventurous paths. Lastly, laptop compartments with extra padding ensure protection. Like Samsonite, American Tourister rigorously tests their products to ensure the best quality. Their multi-step quality control system employs custom-made testing equipment. The products are tested fully loaded in real conditions and really put the American Tourister luggage brand durability, strength, and reliability to the test. s are made to go with you on all of your adventures, whether you’re arranging an exciting vacation or a serious work trip.

I publish a guide on how to resolve any consumer dispute on my advocacy site, To ensure that style is carried throughout the brand, American Tourister creates luggage and suitcases that are strong, modern, practical and financially accessible. American Tourister is for the confident, quirky and fashionable. American Tourister makes many different sizes in full-size suitcases. One large option measures 30 inches by 19.5 inches by 13.2 inches, while an even larger option has overall dimensions of 32.5 inches by 23 inches by 14.25 inches.

The American Tourister luggage company was acquired by Samsonite in 1993 and is the lower-end version of the Samsonite brand. The American Tourister focus today is on affordable quality luggage for young and family leisure travelers. With its fashionable and robust bags, the “American Tourister” brand has been revolutionising travel. American Tourister is a brand of luggage owned by Samsonite.

Many large soft-sided suitcases weigh only about 9 pounds. They can often expand up to 3 inches when extra storage is needed. American american tourister bag Tourister Luggage collection provides you with the best kind of bags that ensures you make your travel journey the best.

You might have spotted the problem before you left the store. This luggage will take you across the blue or just across the street. It is all about laughing bigger, climbing higher and screaming louder.

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This luggage needs to be a convenient and best-suited companion for your journeys. Also, they come with detailed attention on travelling conveniently. You may also seek duffle bags and backpacks online at American Tourister. The American Tourister luggage is a true beauty of precision and cutting-edge materials used.

Whether you travel once a year or twice a week, you need luggage. These suitcases are available in a variety of models and colors such as black, white, and most colors of the rainbow. There are many diverse options in design available in the American Tourister luggage collection- This ranges from classic to trendy and complements every traveller’s style. On the second trip with the luggage, the stitching that holds the zipper mechanism to the luggage frame started pulling loose on the 24-inch piece of luggage. Suspecting this was a manufacturing defect, I went to the American Tourister website for a resolution. Yes, American Tourister Backpacks have anti-theft designs, pockets, and lockable zippers.

This luggage ensures longevity and is made up of strong features like robust exteriors, reinforced corners, and well-designed handles. While discovering more about the features, these luggage come with many compartments, zippered pockets and adjustable straps. They are crafted neatly to prevent any kind of injuries from happening. Moreover, these backpacks have cutting-edge elements that meet the modern traveler’s needs.

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