Coleman Tents V S. Ozark Trail Tents REAL Pictures!

My family owned one of the family versions for year (a three room tent), and loved it. We used it many times in many locations throughout the Northwest and never had any issues. My kids got older and we were not getting out camping as often anymore, so I gave it away to another family to use to create memories with. It was still in great condition and had lots of use left in it.

After we pitched the tent, the Mineral King 3’s adaptable fly let us leave half the mesh dome uncovered. At the first sign of rain, it took only a few seconds—and a quick hand stuck outside the tent—to unfurl the fly and secure it for a dry night’s sleep. When we awoke, we could roll back one part of the vestibule, make coffee, and watch the sky lighten even though it was still raining. To compare tent fabrics, you also need to know their overall rip strength. For most fabrics, rip strength is expressed as a measurement of the diameter of the fibers in their thread, or a denier—the higher the denier, the stronger the fabric.

ozark tent

Families who regularly pitch their tent in rainy locales need a wind-fighting tent with a good-size vestibule for storing wet shoes and gear, as well as a full rain fly for added weather protection. The best-selling Coleman Sundome 6-Person Tent has a footprint larger (100 square feet) than that of our top-pick tent for families, but it felt smaller ozark trail canopy because it has a lower ceiling, no vestibule, and only one door. Nevertheless, it still comfortably accommodates four people, and it’s a roomy choice for two. This no-nonsense tent is intuitive to set up, has mesh on the top halves of two walls, includes a partial rain fly that’s easy to put on and stake out, and feels cheery inside and out.

The Tungsten’s fly is not adaptable in the same way the Mineral King 3’s is, but it is treated for extra UV protection, which should help lengthen the tent’s lifespan. The Wireless 6 goes up easily, using the same kind of intuitive pole and clip method as our couples’ pick. The fly is equally simple to attach and orient with color-coded clips. A single person can pitch the tent in 10 to 15 minutes. This type of pole tends to be less flexible and bulkier than pricier aluminum, and it can be a pain to handle. One night during testing, for example, clouds loomed in the distance with clear skies overhead.

Yes, I had to tape the tent poles together at night because the snaps failed miserably when the wind blew gently and caused the tent to completely collapse… in great weather, with little wind, and no rain. I have been camping all of my life and I know camping gear. This is just to let you know of my background and my knowledge.

The set-up was understandably a few steps shorter, which is always nice when setting up in the dark. More than once in the dark I’ve attached a rain fly upside down and we had to restart that particular step. This tent was close to foolproof when it came to the rain fly because it was already connected. The first step is to find a nice flat piece of ground and get all six of the corners staked out. When it’s done, the tent should have a nice even hexagonal shape.

The poles themselves pretty standard affair when it comes to tents. One of them has an additional y-shaped piece with a rubber stopper on the top. Setting up the Ozark Trail Teepee isn’t incredibly difficult, but I must say that if I were going to invest in a tent this size, I’d want the option for it to be freestanding to make it easier to set up. You need to put about a dozen stakes in the ground to set it up, and that can be an issue in rocky areas or where the soil is too loose. However, in good conditions, two people can expect to have the tent completely set up in approximately ten minutes.

The 3 roof poles are made of fiberglass, which are a bit more flexible. I wouldn’t recommend putting this 10-person tent up on your own though, because it’s quite difficult to get the roof to prop up by yourself. Sometimes I worry that these fiberglass poles will break, because they’re not that sturdy. All the windows and doors also have to be closed, because otherwise, the rain would drip right into the tent.