The Path Less Traveled #010 Ozark Trail 30L Hiking Backpack Review

I can’t imagine loading this up with a lot of bulky, heavy items. If you’re looking for a daypack, or a carry-on that fits everywhere, this is the deal. I know some will immediately dismiss my review simply because I bought this ozark trail canopy pack at WalMart. I’ve been attempting to drop weight for the past several years, mostly because my knees can’t handle it. My shelters have gotten lighter as have my sleeping system — next in line for a diet was my carry system.

We had great weather – not too hot and not too cold – but it did rain for about 5 minutes. My friend chose to not put up his rain fly betting on the perfect weather to continue while enjoying the stars at night. During those five minutes of rain, he was a little more stressed as the risk of a wet sleeping bag had not been completely mitigated and he rushed back to the campground. True, I wasn’t able to remove the rain fly to watch the stars or let the wind ventilate my tent, but I was able to enjoy the day hikes without any sort of worry.

ozark trail backpack

Many higher quality tents could cost 3 or 4 times that amount. Be aware, this is a daypack, intended for lighter loads and shorter distances. It isn’t built to be on your back 8 hours a day, and it won’t support 25 pounds. Used for its intended purpose, this is one of the best hiking/backpacking deals I’ve ever come across. This pack has no extraneous features, save for the small front zip pocket and an internal hydration sleeve.

Temperatures can swing from chilly mornings to sweltering afternoons. Pack rain gear to stay warm and dry, and consider bringing one set of clothes to change into at camp as well as one or two sets of clothes for hiking. Trailspace’s community of gear reviewers has field-tested and rated the top daypacks. I don’t make it a habit of buying my gear from Walmart, but this was a excellent purchase.

Walmart had a small section of packs and for the most part I was satisfied. I decided to get this one for a light hike I was going to be doing while camping. On the small side, so it won’t work for hikers who need a spacious pack. Order your 2024 Official Missouri Travel Guide and start planning your Missouri adventure today. Share your adventures with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Some days this bag was heavier than I would have chosen it to be. However, it took a pretty good beating and has held up. And I do day hikes in Sequoia National Park and on the coast. I sweated just a bit but not too much since the walk was short (and I didn’t want to sweat after a shower). I did finish my activities very sweetly and was able to walk and hike without carrying anything in my hands. Fit and finish were pretty good — no loose seams or stitching.

The Tundra Haul features rubber clasps, which I really like, and hard plastic wheels. Cooler’s have become somewhat of a status symbol ozark trail canopy in the outdoors and many equate the bigger brands with better quality. A higher price tag should mean a higher quality product, right?

In essence, I had committed to the permanent rainfly option by default and there was a certain contentedness that came with that. The first good design feature ozark trail backpack is the placement of the door on the side, and more specifically on the long side of the tent. I’ve tried tents with the door on one end and it is cumbersome.

Make sure to let a friend or family member know what you’re doing and where you’re going. Tell someone how many days you’ll be gone and approximately where you think you’ll stay each night. Physically check in by filling out a backpacking card at dedicated trailheads. Also, learn the seven principles of “Leave No Trace” to keep the backcountry beautiful. Exploring Missouri’s scenic Ozark backcountry is one of the best reasons to head out on the trail. The Ozark Trail Association marks and improves the trail and ensures backpacking campsites are well maintained.

I also appreciate the separate laptop compartment, which protects my valuable electronics whenever I’m on the go. It’s been a perfect addition to my work setup, and I love the versatility of being able to wear it like a backpack or carry it by the padded top and side handle. It also made economic sense, which aligns with the Walmart brand. Overall, it could have been roomier, but the weight savings were attractive to me with only one spar instead of two. Furthermore, I didn’t plan on being in the tent other than during the nights, so a roomier but heavier 1-person tent wasn’t desirable.