My Ozark Trail ConnecTent

For the price, the Ozark Trail 7 Person Teepee is a perfect casual shelter for anyone looking to put a roof over several people’s heads. It’s a great way of making camping culture ozark trail chair a little more affordable and accessible for anyone interested in trying it out. It goes without saying that there’s a little more going on here than with your average tent.

That wasn’t the tallest we encountered—the Eureka Copper Canyon LX 6 and the Alps Mountaineering Camp Creek 6 each topped out at 7 feet—but it’s enough space for most adults to maneuver standing up. The tent comes with a full rain fly that adds two vestibules for storage (each 14 square feet), totaling 115 square feet of livable space—which is fairly generous yet still practical for most campsites. The Wawona 6 is more complex to set up than a classic dome-style tent like the Wireless 6, but not by much. We recommend doing it with two people, but one person can manage in about 15 minutes. As with any free-standing tent, with this one you stake out the four corners, and then you feed the two main tent poles through the Wawona’s fabric sleeves, which go halfway down the tent’s body.

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Thought the instructions could have been better, though. For the price, this tent served my wife and I well over several camping seasons in PA State Parks. I am now going with a four-season tent though as I’ll be traveling the country and who knows what weather I’ll run into. My cousin bought another brand and got lots of rain despite sealing it. She will now most likely get an ozark b/c of the results of my tent. Overall — hard to knock the bang for the buck this thing gave two people (car camping).

You can also leave the rainfly off, and stargaze at night when it’s not raining. The Ozark Trail 10-Person Tent also comes with a room divider, so you can split the tent into 2 rooms, and each “room” can fit 2 queen-sized camping mattresses. There’s also 1 lantern loop at the very top of the tent for some lighting at night. I can’t reach this either, but you should be fine if you’re a little taller. The door has 2 zippers for the bug net, and 2 for the door itself. The door can be zipped up from both the inside and outside.

We found 40 denier up to 150 denier to be typical for car-camping tents; you can read more about these measurements in gear manufacturer MSR’s blog post and in this Outside article. For this guide, we focused on tents that suit the most common terrains you’re likely to encounter when car-camping—grassy ozark tent lawns or clearings, beaches, dirt campsites, and basic platforms—in spring, summer, and fall. We’re not looking at tents designed for such specialized activities as mountaineering, backpacking, or winter camping, though some of our recommendations have cross-over potential.

It was my kids’ first time camping, and we had no problems. My husband is a city-boy and even he could figure out how to put it up. Although, he did have the room divider pole left over, LOL.

Walmart has some pretty great prices on Ozark Trail Tents, right now if you are in need of some camping gear to get started for camping season. It’s a great way to get started as they are so affordable. I love this as it keeps camping one of the most affordable vacations you can take, even if you need supplies to start. Their tents start at as low as just $29.97 for 3 people and $39 for 4 people tents!