Ozark Trail 12′ x 8′ 6-Person Dome Tent Reviews

When we reached the beach everything went great, first night 30 mh winds. Next night still calm, took cover off and loved looking up at the night sky. My husband and I decided to head to the Texas coast for our 10yr old’s first camping trip. I LOVE the room first of all , and the looks were very eye pleasing too.

Families who regularly pitch their tent in rainy locales need a wind-fighting tent with a good-size vestibule for storing wet shoes and gear, as well as a full rain fly for added weather protection. The best-selling Coleman Sundome 6-Person Tent has a footprint larger (100 square feet) than that of our top-pick tent for families, but it felt smaller ozark trail canopy because it has a lower ceiling, no vestibule, and only one door. Nevertheless, it still comfortably accommodates four people, and it’s a roomy choice for two. This no-nonsense tent is intuitive to set up, has mesh on the top halves of two walls, includes a partial rain fly that’s easy to put on and stake out, and feels cheery inside and out.

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But it’s not any more complicated mechanically than most other options on the market. With a little bit of help, the tent should be standing in roughly ten minutes, though it might take a little longer. Take each of the poles into the tent with you and start with the one with the Y-shaped piece on ozark tent top. Insert the rubber stoppered piece into the tent’s apex and the “bottom” of the pole into the reinforced corner on the tent’s floor. At this point, you should take the other pole and insert it into the slot on the “Y” shaped piece, then place the bottom of the pole in the opposite corner.

Yes, I had to tape the tent poles together at night because the snaps failed miserably when the wind blew gently and caused the tent to completely collapse… in great weather, with little wind, and no rain. I have been camping all of my life and I know camping gear. This is just to let you know of my background and my knowledge.

Your tents are not even good for more than two or three camping trips before the 10 has to be replaced because of your substandard zippers you put on the front door. While both Coleman and Ozark Trail are highly inexpensive family camping tents, this is where Ozark Trail outshines Coleman. While I paid between $250 to $350 for both my 10-Person Coleman Tents, I paid only about $100 for the Ozark Trail 10-Person Cabin Tent, which is less than half the price of my Coleman tents. So, without tons of additional waterproofing, Ozark Trail tents are definitely not meant for rainy weather of any kind, even in light rain.

We’ve tested (and recommended) Eureka tents in past versions of this guide. In October 2023, Eureka’s parent company, Johnson Outdoors, announced that it was discontinuing the Eureka brand. The product line, including its tents, should remain available through the end of 2024. The Wawona 6’s side-walls are high and straight, but the structure stays very stable in wind thanks to a final pole that wraps around the front and sides—and thanks to the absence of any acute angles in the poles. We were skeptical about the vestibule’s ability to handle wind, since it’s big and supported by a single pole, but it stood fast in 30 mph oceanside gusts and 15 mph hilltop winds.

I forgot to measure the height of the bathtub flooring, but I think it’s about 5 inches. For ventilation, this Ozark Trail 10-Person Tent has a lot of mesh on the roof of the tent. On top of that, there’s also no zip down the middle of the divider for easy access into either room. To get into the other room, you’d have to remove the divider and then put it back up.