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On rough roads, though, I found myself wishing for wider bars. The shifting was stiff but surprisingly consistent. I could easily cruise up to 26 mph on flats and slight downhills. Get Backpacking Light news, updates, gear info, skills, and commentary delivered into your inbox 1-2x/week. The basketball has had a uniform design for almost 100 years. What happens when a major sporting goods company decides that it is finally time for a change?

Overall, it could have been roomier, but the weight savings were attractive to me with only one spar instead of two. Furthermore, I didn’t plan on being in the tent other than during the nights, so a roomier but heavier 1-person tent wasn’t desirable. The weather was going to be great and the hammock was where I wanted to be during the restful moments of the day. In the following paragraphs I share just a few design features that, in my opinion, make this a well-designed product. Thru-hiking is defined as hiking the contiguous 230-mile backbone of the Ozark Trail in one trip.

The Ozark Trail does not have permit, parking, or registration requirements for its trail sections. Of course it has no side water holsters, or lid pocket, or hipbelt strap, but I think that all contributes to its low weight. For the water bottles I just use Platypus .5 liter and 1 liter flat style bottles, which you can fit in the main body of the pack on top of your other gear. I’ve carried it in bad weather, including rain and snow. Some days this bag was heavier than I would have chosen it to be.

Camp at Highway DD trailhead near the section’s start or Harper Spring around the 15 mile-mark. Here’s another AWESOME thing about the Ozark Trail Atka day pack. It’s sized to fit every airline’s carry-on size requirements. My son and daughter each took one of these on a trip through Europe and they carried it on every plane, train, and bus they rode without any problems. It’s also small enough that it wasn’t inconvenient for them to have it with them everyday. Be aware, this is a daypack, intended for lighter loads and shorter distances.

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Long days between resupplies requires a pack designed with ample space and durability. Made from Ultra 100X material, the ultralight Arc Haul Ultra backpack is innovatively designed to be a true workhorse from the Sierras to the Shenandoah. Our Ultralight Dog Bowl is a paw-fect adventure accessory for four-legged hiking companions! Crafted with love and innovation, our Ultralight Dog Bowl is made with Dyneema Composite Fabric and is designed to make outdoor adventures with your canine companion a breeze. Long days between resupplies require a pack designed with ample space and durability.

The set-up was understandably a few steps shorter, which is always nice when setting up in the dark. More than once in the dark I’ve attached a rain fly upside down and we had to restart that particular step. This tent was close to foolproof when it came to the rain fly because it was already connected. While the Ozark Trail doesn’t run directly through any towns, hikers may access options for resupply and services along the way, including the locales below.

It is also hydration compatible and comes with an included 2L reservoir so you can stay hydrated on the trails. I use a bag for food and tie it in a tree, but mainly to keep the little critters out. Choose this pack if you prefer a smaller yet spacious design, as it has useful features and the durability of larger options.

It was pretty easy to make adjustments from the side door access. This pack fits me fine and is very comfortable for lightweight ozark trail canopy loads. It’s light enough that I don’t mind putting it in my backpack and it takes up almost no space at all.