BISSELL Recalls Cordless Multi-Surface Wet Dry Vacuums Due to Fire Hazard

Its brushroll motor isn’t strong enough to keep the roller moving on thick carpeting, making it very hard to push around. It’s smaller than that of more conventional cordless uprights like the Shark Vertex Pro Powered Lift-Away, though it does have a max fill line that lets you know when it’s full. It’s important to note that this vacuum also has a 28 oz (828 ml) water tank for its mopping feature. It’s shorter and thinner than the corded BISSELL CrossWave Pet Pro, and it comes with a charging dock that you can use to run the vacuum’s self-cleaning cycle to flush out any dirt or debris inside the vacuum. It’s similar to the BISSELL CrossWave Pet Pro in terms of overall build quality, with a body made mainly from hard plastic and an aluminum wand.

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The bissell vacuum cleaner Max’s range is limited only by the remaining battery life and the room left within its dirt compartment. The BISSELL CrossWave Cordless Max uses a conventional upright configuration and isn’t suitable for cleaning the inside of your car. The sounders and strobes can malfunction and cause the fire alarm system to fail to alert consumers of a fire. Today BISSELL unveils its latest innovation – Little Green® HydroSteam® Pet – the only portable deep cleaner with the power of HydroSteam®… To learn more about the CrossWave Cordless Max, please visit The CrossWave® Cordless Max is available at retailers nationwide and online with a MSRP at $399.99.

Errors will be corrected where discovered, and Lowe’s reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions including after an order has been submitted. The steamers can expel, spray, or leak hot water during use, posing a burn hazard to consumers. The recalled area rugs violate the mandatory federal flammability regulations for carpets and rugs, posing a fire hazard.

The BISSELL CrossWave Cordless Max isn’t suitable for cleaning high-pile carpet. It doesn’t have enough power to keep its brushroll spinning on dense high-pile carpeting, and its relatively weak suction motor can’t draw debris from carpet fibers. Vacuum and wash hard floors at the same time with BISSELL® TurboClean™ Hard Floor Multi-Surface Cleaner. Save time with this cordless all-in-one machine with up to 30 minutes of continuous cleaning power.

The BISSELL CrossWave Cordless Max’s real-world suction performance is poor. It uses a less powerful suction motor than the corded BISSELL CrossWave Pet Pro and is likely to have more trouble drawing out debris wedged deep within cracks and crevices. Like the corded model, swapping between the ‘Hard Floor’ and ‘Area Rug’ modes doesn’t impact suction performance, as these settings don’t alter brushroll height or motor output.

The BISSELL CrossWave Cordless Max and Hoover ONEPWR Evolve Pet share an upright configuration, but they’re for different uses. The BISSELL is a hybrid vacuum/mop and can deal with stains and liquid spills with minimal difficulty. It performs better on bare floors than the Hoover, and its fluffy brushroll is better suited to drawing debris up from cracks and crevices. The Hoover is a more conventional cordless upright that you can easily use on carpeted surfaces. It’s also lighter, charges faster, and has a dustbin that’s roughly twice as large.

It’s worth noting that this vacuum can leave behind a small amount of residue after completing a pass, though thankfully, it’s pretty easy to clear away. You’ll probably need to make several passes to fully clean most stains, and a hand mop will likely be more efficient in cleaning stubborn stains since you can manually provide a greater degree of surface agitation. The Max is a passable option for cleaning staircases.

It’s more effective than the Dyson in sucking up debris on bare floors and has a longer battery life, not to mention a much bigger dustbin. The bissell pet vacuum Max is a cordless upright hybrid vacuum/mop. Compared to the corded BISSELL CrossWave Pet Pro, it has a less powerful motor that leaves it incapable of cleaning dense high-pile carpeting. That said, it’s easier to maneuver and does just as good a job when vacuuming debris or scrubbing away stains on bare floors. Its floorhead pivots, allowing you to maneuver around obstacles pretty easily. However, its bulky body gets in the way when cleaning under tables and chairs, and it’s more of a hassle to maneuver in cluttered areas compared to conventional cordless stick vacuums like the Dyson V12 Detect Slim.

It also lacks a HEPA filter, and some allergens can escape from its exhaust. It easily clears away pet hair as well as small and bulky debris on this surface type, with no significant loss in suction performance as its dustbin fills up. Its mopping function is also quite effective in dealing with dried-on dirt and debris. However, while it feels decently well-built for the most part, it does have quite a few components that need to be cleaned or replaced periodically, so recurring costs can add up over time.