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Apparently, my only option is to ship the luggage to San Antonio, Texas, the nearest repair facility, at my cost. American Tourister makes childrens luggage in a variety of styles. Most are 18-inch spinners with cartoon characters on their outside, but upright suitcases are also available.

American Tourister makes carry-ons with bodies that are from 20 to 21 inches long. They are often 14 inches wide and up to 10 inches tall when laid flat. But let’s say you ordered the luggage online and only discovered the problem after your second trip.

The American Tourister luggage company was acquired by Samsonite in 1993 and is the lower-end version of the Samsonite brand. The American Tourister focus today is on affordable quality luggage for young and family leisure travelers. With its fashionable and robust bags, the “American Tourister” brand has been revolutionising travel. American Tourister is a brand of luggage owned by Samsonite.

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American Tourister Backpacks are unique in design and durability. They have unique features and blend perfectly with style and functionality. The American Tourister model is a well-known brand american tourister travel bag you could have encountered whereas looking for baggage. Here is a selection of four-star and five-star reviews from customers who were delighted with the products they found in this category.

Even they are lightweight and make sure that everything is carried conveniently. B for Bag offers wide range of American Tourister bags and our luggage price comparison will find you the best price our retailers offer. American Tourister style is in line with its target market, i.e. young travelers and family leisure travelers. The bags are colorful and lively, while still suitable for most people taste. We like to describe it as “clean and uncomplicated” and pleasant looking. The American Tourister company was founded in 1932 and soon became recognized for its affordable quality luggage.

This issue with your American Tourister luggage is probably a one-off. I’ve covered the luggage industry for decades, and I can tell you that if any manufacturer made luggage that american tourister bag fell apart after two trips, they’d be out of business in no time. Check out some of the most popular ranges of American Tourister luggage – Appliteco, Curio and Airconic.

American Tourister has a luggage collection that is beautiful and combines style with ultimate features. A huge range of designs is trending nowadays and crafted with TSA-approved locks. These luggages are worthwhile to discover how the world of travel can be transformed into fun. The lightweight construction helps in embodying the bags with both functionality and fashion. Bringing a wide range of luggage that has been crafted with a blend of durability and style to give you the best travel experience.

Many large soft-sided suitcases weigh only about 9 pounds. They can often expand up to 3 inches when extra storage is needed. American american tourister suitcase Tourister Luggage collection provides you with the best kind of bags that ensures you make your travel journey the best.