Schwinn and Life is Good® Launch Limited Run Cruiser Bicycles

That was the final year of this particular model. Due to lack of sales, they discontinued the Cruiser Deluxe that year. It has features that were only offered on this bike. The new style cobblestone tires, the flipped-up fender lips, the chrome moly front end, and the painted-to-match rear rack, are one year only items. It is also the only year that they offered this great color combo.

There were two cruisers in the shop with the hubs, and I just loved the way they rode. Shifting through the gears was very Ferrari like. One gear is just not enough for anything but level riding. I decided to keep the bike in all stock form for appearance sake.

The most desirable Cruisers are the Cruiser, Deluxe Cruiser and Cruiser 5. The Cruiser Six was made by Giant, for Schwinn. The 4, 7 and Alloy as well as the other models were made as schwinn mountain bike part of the Signature Series by Schwinn’s current parent, in China. So “cruiser” may have originated as one model name used by one distributor of the motorbike style of bicycles.

Boasting about all the passing and smiling fun he had riding it, was interesting to hear. So he pulled it out of his van to show it off. Right off, the great two-tone dark blue and shiny chrome caught my eye.

But, I actually think he acquired this machine sometime in the 1970’s. He wasn’t too much of a cyclist back then, but later in life he would ride around on the flat country roads near his home, mainly to please his physician. I was working part-time in a Schwinn shop in North County, SD, CA   The local Schwinn rep/salesman came by to do business. He was talking about doing the Roserita ride on this cool new Schwinn.

schwinn cruiser

That means I have never ridden it at the beach. Which is a shame, because that is what a bike like this is made for. The padded spring seat is soft and supportive, while the upright riding position is easier on your lower back. Single speed drivetrain is easy to use and simple to maintain. Just hop on the bike and start pedaling for a carefree ride.

Lowrider bicycles are usually built on old Schwinn Sting-Ray or other “muscle bike” frames, but the entire lowrider look of “old school” accessories such as springer forks and bullet headlights is in the cruiser tradition. Several manufacturers offer “chopper” style bikes in their cruiser range. These bikes usually feature a lower center of gravity, suspension forks, hot rod paint jobs, and large rear tires. The durable Schwinn cantilever steel frame has been updated with tubular leading axle front fork and cushioned hand grips.

I was so very careful to not leave one scratch or damage one nut or bolt. I meticulously checked each bearing adjustment. I made sure this bike was as perfect as possible. The handlebar basket and rear rack with wood deck provide convenient cargo space so you can bring all the essentials with you on your ride. Great for running errands, picnics, and more.

In order to serve you products that fit, we need some information about your vehicle. All my efforts paid off as I took the first ride. So smooth and nice, it is like riding a dream of old. The looks and compliments come forth, every time I take it to the streets. But, it is more about the feeling I get, than the onlooker’s. It brings out the kid in me in a way few other things can.

In my mind, it is on the market for sale every day of the week. I am constantly thinking a ride down the boardwalk in Pacific Beach with a for sale sign, would garner many potential buyers. Most models of Schwinn bikes have years of images and information via old catalogs, advertisements and Schwinn documentation. This site gathers and preserves such documentation.