Schwinn Mikko Adult Beach Cruiser Bike, Featuring 17-Inch Medium Steel Step-Over Frames, 7-Speed Drivetrains, Navy

Faced with a downward sales spiral, Schwinn went into bankruptcy in 1992.[59] The company and name were bought by the Zell/Chilmark Fund, an investment group, in 1993. Zell moved Schwinn’s corporate headquarters to Boulder, Colorado. The company’s next answer to requests for a Schwinn mountain bike was the King Sting and the Sidewinder, inexpensive BMX-derived bicycles fabricated from existing electro-forged frame designs, and using off-the-shelf BMX parts.

These simple machines are often among the cheapest options if you’re in the market for a new bike (though there are some pricier models on our list, including e-cruisers). And you can order many of them online—even customized to your liking—and get them delivered right to your doorstep. We recommend you grab one of these rides, which we determined via testing and research, for a leisurely roll around town, on a trail, or, of course, on the beach. Schwinn’s simple laid back elegance is personified in the 1980 Ladies’ Cruiser. With the time-proven dependability of a coasterbrake, wide whitewall balloon tires, a comfortable saddle and wide handlebars.

The Shimano 7-speed rear derailleur offers smooth shifting, and the twist shifters let you adjust the speed on-the-fly. We at Bicycling have ridden as many bikes as we can get our hands on to find the best beach cruisers available. We also added testing notes for the Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser, a bike deputy test editor Tara Seplavy rode and evaluated in the last year. We haven’t tested the other bikes but carefully chose them with Seplavy’s help based on specs and and her context from ride testing the other models.

schwinn beach cruiser

The 24-inch Cruiser is ideal for the younger rider who appreciates the time-honored qualities of riding comfort. This smallerCruiser has all the features of the full-sized 26-inch Cruisers- Schwinn cantilever frame, a large comfortable saddle, forgedfront fork, wide whitewall balloon tires, and upright handlebars- as well as Schwinn’s famous quality. Cruiser bikes aren’t a popular choice for long distances, like on bikepacking trips. However, for shorter trips around town, like commuting to work, they can fit the bill.

Fabulous and functional, the front and rear fenders add that vintage flair while helping to protect you – and your clothes – from splashes and dirt while you ride. Rear coaster brake, also called a pedal brake, provides intuitive stopping power. All you need to do is pedal backwards to slow or stop – it’s that easy.

The 26-inch Firmstrong Urban Lady Single Speed offers easy-going, single-speed riding that can reach 3 to 15 miles per hour. It features a durable 15-inch steel frame with aluminum wheels. The wheels are outfitted in attractive, retro white-wall balloon tires that offer a cushioned ride. Although sized for women up to 5 feet 6 inches, the bike can hold any rider up to 300 pounds.

Knowing how and where you want to use your new cruiser bike will help you determine what else, if anything, you want from it. Close-up of the Schwinn derailleur for riders who prefer Cruiser 5-speed versatility. The classic knobby tire, schwinn dealers white walled look of this model is what Cruisers are all about.Schwinn Cruisers offer three wheel sizes. If you buy directly from us, we’re gonna allow you to customize it. We’re gonna build one-off bikes for whoever wants to do it.

Equally passionate about leisure as he is his penmanship, Kevin dedicates his spare time to graphic novels, birding, making cold brew, and taking long, meandering walks. Resident e-bike expert Seplavy rode the Cafe Cruiser and found it plenty powerful to climb short hills. But, like several wide-tire bikes, it schwinn ebike has some handling issues while taking turns. It gives riders a range of about 30 to 50 miles per charge, which is more than plenty for beach rides and casual jaunts. For riding the length of a boardwalk or ambling along Main Street, one gear is all you need—and it frees up a hand to hold a soft-serve twist.

“F. W.” Schwinn, took over day-to-day operations at Schwinn. Putting all company efforts towards bicycles, he succeeded in developing a low-cost model that brought Schwinn recognition as an innovative company, as well as a product that would continue to sell during the inevitable downturns in business cycles. W. Schwinn returned to Chicago and in 1933 introduced the Schwinn B-10E Motorbike, actually a youth’s bicycle designed to imitate a motorcycle. Another problem was Schwinn’s failure to design and market its bicycles to specific, identifiable buyers, especially the growing number of cyclists interested in road racing or touring. Instead, most Schwinn derailleur bikes were marketed to the general leisure market, equipped with heavy “old timer” accessories such as kickstands that cycling aficionados had long since abandoned. While the Paramount still sold in limited numbers to this market, the model’s customer base began to age, changing from primarily bike racers to older, wealthier riders looking for the ultimate bicycle.

Some specialized tools may be required depending on the specific bike. The handlebar basket and rear rack with wood deck provide convenient cargo space so you can bring all the essentials with you on your ride. The release of the 1985 film Pee-wee’s Big Adventure[15] highlighted the main character’s cross-country search for his lost custom-built heavily-accessorized horn-tank bicycle. Check our picks for the best bike lights, saddle bags, and bike jerseys. Explore trails that aren’t on the app but clearly existright here, right now, in real life. Pack extra water and a sandwich in case things go right and you’re havingtoo much damn fun to head home.Make epic happen.