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Aside from its brushroll blocking a portion of the width of its brushroll, it’s pretty effective in dealing with hair on carpeted floors. It requires ongoing maintenance, and the recurring costs can also increase depending on your usage. This Little Green machine works great for upholstery and spot-cleaning carpets. I like the lightweight portability and compact footprint of the Little Green machine. Whether you need to clean your car or treat a stain in the middle of your staircase, the 15-foot power cord gives you the flexibility to do it.

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If you’d like our recommendations for the best Shark vacuums, click here. I also have not felt the need to clean or replace the filter, and aside from the very first time, the Pet Hair Eraser has never died on me—likely because I use it for short bursts. Anything that requires more than 20 minutes of continuous cleaning I save for my upright vacuum.

For all my flat fabric surfaces, I used the motorized brush, and wow. It eliminated the hair from all of Big Red’s favorite hangout spots—the couch, my faux suede bar stools and the velvet chair in my office. I also tested it on the carpet near my bedroom window, where Red suns himself every day, and it dislodged all the hair stuck in the fibers there. It even pulled out the pesky feathers that were half-sticking out of my down pillows. It’s a wide, thick attachment, though, so I needed to switch when it came to tighter areas.

Not only will it stretch to the farthest corners of each room, but it can cover any surface you need with its automatic floor type recognition. Bissell is among the most recognizable brands in vacuums, and while you may have plenty about their full-size vacuums and steam cleaners, you’re sure to bissell vacuum cleaner love their cordless handheld vacuums, too. We’ve tested hundreds of vacuums over the last few years, and found that Bissell’s Pet Hair Eraser 2390 is far and away the best handheld option on the market. These are our picks for the best handheld Bissell vacuums you can shop online right now.

By comparing the weight of the empty dust cup before testing and the dust cup’s weight after testing, our experts calculate how much dirt is picked up by each vacuum. Get in all those hard-to-reach places that probably haven’t seen a good clean in longer than you’d like to admit with this handheld vacuum. It’s an excellent option for smaller jobs like cars, upholstered furniture and pet beds. This handheld vacuum’s super lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver around furniture and use on stairs.

Its powerful all-terrain cleaner head agitates and lifts hair and debris from both bare floors and rugs, and its extra-large bin doesn’t need emptying mid-cleaning. BISSELL vacuums tend to be affordable and use bagless designs that keep recurring costs down. Unfortunately, they aren’t usually the best choice for all-out cleaning performance and can feel cheaply made. Using a custom-built vacuum testing machine, dirt is embedded into a test carpet, then each vacuum is passed over the carpet an equal number of times.

Don’t just take it from us; click on the links below and hear from shelter staff across the nation. We will continue to add more videos and updates as our community shelters navigate this crisis for homeless pets. It is a great time to reach out to your local shelter to foster, adopt, donate or simply say thank you for their incredible work to save lives.

For those who prefer a bagged vacuum that keeps pet hair and dander sealed after cleaning, there’s the Pet-Friendly Pop-N-Go canister vacuum from Kenmore, a Cleaning and Organizing Award-winner. We found its Pet PowerMate tool to be great for cleaning hair from upholstered furniture and carpets, and it can be stored along with all other tools right on the vacuum. The product analysts and cleaning experts at bissell vacuum cleaner the Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab have been testing vacuum cleaners for decades. To find the best Bissell vacuums, we review each model in the Lab and observe how effectively it picks up dirt, whether it’s easy to maneuver around and how well it performs on various floor types. We also send consumer testers home with vacuum cleaners when possible to share feedback on their experience using them.

From the deep-down microscopic source of your family’s wheezing and sniffling to the stains, dirt and animal dander that wreak havoc on your home life. Some models have a feature alerting the user when the dust bag or container is full, which impairs the vacuum’s ability to clean. Some such models that are bagless simply have a clear bin, letting you see when the bin is full. Eureka and BISSELL vacuums occupy a similar budget-friendly niche, and offerings from each brand tend to have strengths. BISSELLs usually have a wider array of convenience features when comparing like-for-like models, while Eurekas offer superior debris pickup performance. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation and its mission to help save homeless pets.