American Tourister Luggage Sets

Today, the American Tourister brand is sold as a more affordable brand in the Samsonite portfolio. Its suitcases have been known to buckle after a few years of wear and tear, so they aren’t the best for digital nomads or frequent travelers who might need more sturdy luggage. Overall I think that American Tourister is a good brand for infrequent travelers and those looking for a friendly and stylish mid-range suitcase. This little suitcase has so much space for toys and clothes, and kids will love the various Disney-themed print. The inside pockets and straps help to organize some of the chaos.

american tourister travel bag

The company has many bag types, such as hard side, soft side, carry-on, duffle bags, backpacks, and bags for kids. Style is certainly important when it comes to luggage — it’s an accessory, after all — but you don’t want to sacrifice quality and functionality. Calpak’s cases are both well-made and have unique designs. Both hardside and softside styles from american tourister travel bag the brand have excelled in our tests. We’ve also been impressed by each of the sizes, including carry-ons, checked bags and underseat luggage. Some of our favorite models include the Freeform hardside (pictured here), the Solyte DLX softside and the Stryde Glyder, which is a checked case that’s wide instead of tall so it’s less likely to tip over.

It’s only 6.5 months old, and the plastic cracked around the wheel and it hardly rolls, and is no longer usable anyhow as the plastic is cracked open. It has a 10 year warranty, but when I called customer service they said this doesn’t american tourister travel bag fall under the warranty and they won’t do anything about it. I wish I hadn’t bought three suitcases from American Tourister, and I would advise others to go with another company with legit warranty coverage/customer service.

A damaged suitcase may be fixed through one of American Tourister’s authorized repair centers. Unfortunately, this kind of coverage is the standard for most suitcase brands. This brand offers a Limited 10 Year Global Warranty that fixes any issue caused by manufacturing defects.

The features have a reinforcing effect and provide an exceptional travel experience. The American Tourister luggage is a true beauty of precision and cutting-edge materials used. This luggage ensures longevity and is made up of strong features like robust exteriors, reinforced corners, and well-designed handles. While discovering more about the features, these luggage come with many compartments, zippered pockets and adjustable straps.

Briggs & Riley bags are pricey — a carry-on can cost over $600 — but they come with a lifetime guarantee that will cover all repairs if the luggage ever gets broken or damaged. They also come with innovative features, such as the brand’s signature compression packing system. Bags that have this feature expand to let you pack and then compress down after they’re filled. In fact, one of our testers said she packed a week’s worth of summer clothes for two people into a compact carry-on, and it easily fit into an airline’s overhead bin. Each piece of luggage is evaluated by experts in the Lab as well as consumer testers on the go. In the Lab, we look at factors like durability, ease of use and more.