Ozark Trail 20 x 10 Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent, Sleeps 12, 45 72 lbs

Keep your gear organized with the included hanging gear organizer. Also included are tent stakes to secure the tent, and a carry bag for easy ozark trail shower tent portability and storage when not in use. Make the most of your next camping adventure with the Ozark Trail 10-Person Instant Cabin Tent.

The Mountain Hardwear Mineral King 3 not only went up fast but also was a snap to tear down and get back into the bag. Add to that the simple fly deploy, perfectly sized bag, and intuitive center clip, and you have a hassle-free tent. While not our favorite, the hub also allows for easy solo pitching. It’s the only 3-person tent in our lineup and weighs in at only 7.1 pounds for the full package with a trail weight of 6.2 pounds — this tent is light enough to trek a few miles into the wild.

ozark trail instant cabin

The Mountain Hardwear Mineral King 3 is the perfect choice for campsites or occasional short backpacking trips. It’s also great as a solid backup, sitting in the garage ready to toss into the car with a moment’s notice. We pitched it in an impressive 4 min 30 seconds and have improved on that time as we’ve learned the design. This tent has an all-mesh build for fantastic views, and the fly can be configured in multiple ways, allowing for both scenery and quick protection from the weather at any time. Our in-depth reviews also encompass all the camping gear you need to set up the ultimate base camp.

This thing went up in under 60-seconds and came down nearly as fast. But ease of use isn’t just about setup and tear down — we took one point away here due to its weight being on the heavy side for a small 4-person tent and the struggle required to fit the tent back in the bag. We also hope the mechanisms ozark trail shower tent that make this tent so quick to set up stay smooth and easy to use over time. But if you’re looking for a camping tent you can toss up after a few beers or in the dark, check this one out. Having the best camping tent is a crucial part of that (in addition to good food and good people).

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