Schwinn Roadster Retro-Style Tricycle, 12 in Front Wheel, Ages 2

Plus, the heavy-duty double-wall alloy rims and wide tires also contribute to the trike’s durability, as they can handle different terrains and provide stability while riding. Check first the tightness of the two hold-down screws on the rear axle drive sprocket. Sometimes these work loose, especially during the break-in period (first 500 miles). Tighten these two screws down as hard as you can — this connection point takes a lot of stress, especially on uphill grinds.

Place a washer over each of the four screws, then install and tighten the screws.Unfold the basket cover and place it into the middle of the basket. Install Rear WheelsLocate the side of the wheel with a flat section that matches the flat section on the rear drive axle. That side of the wheel goes onto the axle first.Align the flat sections on the hub and axle, then slide the wheel onto the axle until it stops. Slide one washer over the axle end, then thread the locknut on and tighten it with a wrench. Repeat for the second rear wheel, then turn the tricycle right side up.

schwinn tricycle

Ensure the seatpost is inserted past the minimum insertion line marked on the post. It took about 24 minutes to assemble the Schwinn Roadster Tricycle, and it required a screwdriver. Schwinn is a well-known and trusted brand in the biking industry, with over 125 years of experience in manufacturing quality bikes.

It’s also an excellent bicycle alternative for adults looking to lose weight or simply add a fun exercise method to their everyday routine. During a tight right turn, the left wheel travels a long arc while the right wheel travels a very schwinn cruiser short distance if any. This is easy to accomplish if the chain is driving the left wheel and the right wheel is free to stop turning. I’d guess the single-speed freewheel/freehub on the jackshaft has something wrong with its pawls.

It also doesn’t work for kids under age 2, despite the ages listed on the product page. At 21 pounds, the MyRider Midi is one schwinn cruiser of the heavier trikes we tested. Yet despite its heft, it provides a very smooth ride and is easy for kids to start pedaling.