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The bike was provided by Schwinn for the purposes of the review. With just 288 Wh of capacity, the battery surprised me, and not in a good way. Sure, I’ve seen plenty of e-bikes with 288 Wh batteries before. It’s just that they’re usually on smaller, lightweight e-bikes schwinn dealers that push the needle considerably less on the scale. Electric bikes put extra power behind every pedal so you can ride farther, take on bigger hills, and enjoy cycling more than ever before. Your e-bike comes with a battery, a charger, and a charging cord.

As an avid cyclist who commuted to and from the train for years in the past, I see e-bikes as a very reasonable step forward in commuting. In general, if purchased on the Schwinn website, your new bike will be shipped within hours of being ordered and should arrive within 7-10 days. Schwinn has a long and storied history of making the best bikes on the planet specifically for younger riders. That youth-first attitude is fully embraced in our e-bike offerings as well. The features like the neat integrated lighting are rarely seen in the industry and are a definite win. And the build quality feels like it should stand the test of time.

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6-speed twist shifter offers smooth, reliable gear changes. Easily adapt to your terrain – hills, flat areas, and everything schwinn ebike in between – with just a twist. To find your serial number, check below the bottom bracket on the e-bike crank arm.

I have heard good things about them, that they perform this service for mainstream ebike manufacturers and double check the circuits when performing a restore or upgrade. Check out their website and give them a ring, I hope this helps because I don’t think Schwinn sells batteries for t his ebike anymore. I’d like to see an ebike schwinn beach cruiser have a powered tail light so I don’t have to remember to test the batteries. I’m assuming with the design it’s tough to power anything on the back without a rack. The up and down are mostly for adjusting the pedal assist levels up and down. The motor stops assisting when you hit 32 km/h (20mph) with the throttle or pedalling.

They really thought out the balance, accessories and drive modes to make it simple and practical to use. The price was great and the components were built to endure. I like that they included little things like water bottle mounting points that so many ebikes skip (in part due to midframe batteries). The suspension isn’t top of the line and doesn’t include lockout but it definitely smoothes out the ride and the adjustability of the stem and handlebars is wonderful. The motor driving this bike offers 180 watts nominal power and up to 250 watts peak. It’s a planetary geared design by Protanium and it offers good torque while keeping weight down.