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We can’t stress enough how critical it is to choose the right-sized bike. Well-fitted bikes provide the most comfort and can make the difference between falling in love with cycling and simply struggling through mundane rides. Below, we offer suggestions based on your height, including one bike made specifically for tall riders. Schwinn’s e-bikes recently blessed the Ellen Degeneres Show with a throttling showcase. Their electric bikes have a battery that can provide up to 45 miles of uninterrupted power. Speaking of trails, I found that the Schwinn EC1 is great for more than just nice bike lanes and smooth sidewalks.

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The standard batteries that come on our Marshall, Coston CE and Coston DX bikes are good for up to 45 miles of riding. But Schwinn knows many riders want to go farther, so we developed higher capacity batteries that are super easy to install (you’ll only need a screwdriver). These additional batteries extend the riding distance up to 80 miles on both our Coston and Marshall series of bikes.

Speaking of which, check out my video below to see the bike’s performance and features in action, including those cool frame lights. Aluminum cruiser frame provides lightweight durability with a vintage-inspired look that never goes out of style. Plus, the comfortable upright riding position makes riding a delight. Rest assured, riding one of Schwinn’s e-bikes will quickly feel just as second nature as riding the traditional (or analog) bike you’re used to. In fact, we’re pretty sure you’ll end up preferring it to your old bicycle. There’s a very good chance that you’ll never need any additional assistance with your e-bike or run into any problems.

They really thought out the balance, accessories and drive modes to make it simple and practical to use. The price was great and the components were built to endure. I like that they included little things like water bottle mounting points that so many ebikes skip (in part due to midframe batteries). The suspension isn’t top of the line and doesn’t include lockout but it definitely smoothes out the ride and the adjustability of the stem and handlebars is wonderful. The motor driving this bike offers 180 watts nominal power and up to 250 watts peak. It’s a planetary geared design by Protanium and it offers good torque while keeping weight down.

You get a 7-speed gear system on the rear wheel with a single gear on the front. The shifter is on the right handlebar opposite the LED display for the motor on the left. As a commuter e-bike, I’m also glad to see some good commuter specific parts, like the included fenders schwinn beach cruiser and the excellent lighting. Not only do you get typical head and taillights, but you also have LED frame lights built into the sides of the battery. That adds a nice nighttime glow to the bike to give you better side visibility – an area where most bikes are lacking.

A tough, well-balanced, affordably priced, single-speed electric bike from a well established brand, available in three frame sizes for improved fit, sporty forward-leaning geometry. No suspension elements but the fork is steel which provides some vibration dampening properties and…… I mostly used the motor in pedal-assist mode, though I will schwinn dealers cover the throttle in the next section. The motor on this bike is very aggressive in that is starts up quickly with even the slightest movement of the pedal, and it goes hard. When riding with level 5 assistance my pedals were free-spinning most of the time even on the highest gear. Of course, the premier feature of this e-bike is the “e” part.

Make sure everything is working properly before you hit the big hills or rockier trails. This is also a great time to test out your pedal assist system (PAS) for the first time! If you notice any issues with how you assembled your e-bike, take it back home and make adjustments as needed. And at the end of the day, we’re talking about an affordable cruiser, so I didn’t expect to find high-end shifters, hydraulic disc brakes, or suspension on the bike.

The battery fits inside the bottom tube of the bike which gives it a sleek look. This item is offered by one of our Exchange Plus partners – a trusted, third-party company that ships directly to you when you order on The Exchange sells and handles payments for this item, and you can track the status on your Exchange order details page.

Without knobby tires, the Marshall isn’t going too far into mud or snow, but it is great for easier trails and dirt roads. My testing has been done on gravel roads and wet, muddy trails at around 5° C with a bit of snow on the ground. The Marshall looks like a mountain bike with a comfy cruiser feel to it. A step-thru version offers a slightly lower top bar than the regular version. The Coston and Marshall include an integrated light, which are powered by the main battery, just like the motor.