Ozark Trail 35L Silverthorne Hiking Backpack, Hydration-Compatible

With the ancient St. Francois Mountains, the unspoiled natural landscape and the cool waters of the St. Francis River and Big Creek, Sam A. Baker State Park has something for everyone. For temporary closures related to weather, stewardship ozark trail backpack activities and maintenance, as well as temporary trail closures, click here to visit our Park and Site Status Map. Enjoy the solitude of an undeveloped cove hidden along the shorelines of one of Missouri’s largest lakes.

Before heading out on your next hike or other outdoor adventure, make sure to grab the Ozark Trail 14 Liter Hydration Hiking Backpack. This 14L pack is designed for maximum versatility so you can focus on the great outdoors. It ozark trail chair features two main compartments for maximum storage and organization, as well as a shove pocket with a clean, gusseted design for carrying extra items. Also included are side profile daisy chains for carrying items externally.

I did finish my activities very sweetly and was able to walk and hike without carrying anything in my hands. For the second overnight hike in which I used the pack, I left the hammock at home and stuffed an REI Stratus insulated pad and lightweight bivy inside. Find the best backpack for your next outdoor adventure using our independent reviews and ratings. Trailspace’s community of gear reviewers has field-tested and rated the top daypacks. Before you leave home be sure to let a friend or family member know where you’re going and what you’ll be doing. Indicate how many days you will be gone and approximately where you plan to stay each night.

I have lost a couple of drain caps in my day which makes the cooler unusable until a replacement arrives. Thru-hiking is defined as hiking the contiguous 230-mile backbone of the Ozark Trail in one trip. A thru-hike can begin at the Onondaga State Park and proceed southward to the Eleven Point Western trailhead, or move in the opposite direction from south to north. The Ozark Trail Association Trip Planner contains information on a thru-hike, including directions to Onondaga State Park and Eleven Point Western trailheads.

This review is the culmination of a decade of hands-on testing by ten separate GearLab expert reviewers. These reviewers included backpacking guides, mountaineers, backcountry skiers, wilderness rangers, guidebook authors, and thru-hikers. The lead author, Jack Cramer, is a former member of Yosemite Search and Rescue and an accomplished climber who has now personally tested more than 70 different sleeping bags.

Having a separate rain fly for a 2- or 3- person tent makes sense because multiple people can split up the weight a little easier on longer hikes. After all, I was carrying the whole thing and so it might as well be connected. Essentially, the rain fly for the Ozark Trail was integrated into the tent directly. Size is perfect for day trips, smaller individuals, and teens. Great for hiking in warm weather, thanks to the breathable construction, mesh straps, and hydration bladder hook up.

The pack size and weight is good for all my day hiking to any shower. I’m not sure if it is durable enough to hold any of my camera equipment. This pack will make great for a day at the beach with an extra change of clothes, flip flops, keys, tanning oil, towel and a iPod or stuff your lightweight sleeping bag and a jacket. Just about every other daypack I’ve had falls apart under the weight of my books (med school). I also like the fact that for my outdoor activities, it’s designed to hold a hydration bladder. It even has a rain cover built in, which is great when I’m riding my bicycle across town on a rainy day.

Meanwhile, its 8.4 ounces of 950+ fill power goose down proved to be capable all the way down to its 40° F temperature rating. That makes this bag an ideal choice for thru-hikers or serious backpackers looking for a lightweight model that can handle a range of conditions. The primary drawback to the outstanding performance of the Egret is its staggering price tag. However, every bag is handmade in Seattle, and the high price is somewhat offset by the longevity of the insulation, which we’ve seen outlast the lesser goose down used by many companies.

Park stores sell all of the necessary supplies for a day on the water. Year-round overnight accommodations include campsites, Outpost cabins and yurts. (This is not sarcasm.) When I was a new mom a hike with my baby on my back was a wonderful antidote to the feeling of being overwhelmed by this huge life change.