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After trying it out at 450 mm, I liked the shorter rear end for our terrain more. I think it’s also why people get addicted to ultra-racing and eke themselves to the edge of the human experience. These efforts teach us more about ourselves and the reality we inhabit for this brief moment; a falling leaf on a windy day is but a blink within epochs.

It’s weird that beautiful women spend their hard earned money on being gorgeous hillside to spectate proudly & videographers just leave them out of the footage these days. I can’t imagine spend time, money & fashionable get ups to go out to be appreciated and all these dudes with cameras…just filming men in spandex onesies all day. I found myself paying less attention to the acute terrain while descending and finding flow within the expansive plane of subconsciousness. Riding familiar terrain, where you know each line, each cut, enables you to let go and simply rely on your instincts.

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One feature about the Hyper MTB Ebike that I really like is that the battery is removable. I think Apple started us down a path of non-removable batteries that a lot of electronics manufacturers have adopted but, the trouble with that is that it isn’t user friendly. With the Hyper MTB Ebike, you can charge your bike with the battery installed or removed, which I personally love. If you ride your bike for the day and take your battery down to zero, you can still use your bike as a standard rider while your battery is back at camp or home charging up. Shipping times may vary, with some items shipping within 3 days and others within 15 days.

This machine truly embodies its CORNER ROCKET title. The 2024 KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R EVO is exactly that, THE BEAST evolved. With next-level WP suspension, this bike aims to reclaim the SUPER DUKE’s place at the top of the Hyper Naked segment. Get the latest Offers, Outdoor News, Stories, and Reviews delivered to your inbox.

Eric moved on to a stellar career in Mountain Biking while Hyper continued to develop BMX products and began expanding the hyper bike position in the retail marketplace. Metal frames, for me, provide a very smooth and flexy ride quality that not many carbon bikes possess. Instead, carbon bikes tend to feel chattery and have a heavy “trail resonance” to the feel of the frame, regardless of suspension setup, tire pressure, or geometry.