I Tested the Ozark Trail 10-Person Cabin Tent Review

The Wireless 6 lacks some of the premium materials found in pricier tents, but it features solid workmanship and should provide dependable, comfortable shelter in most three-season camping situations. Car campers who plan to brave miserable weather will appreciate the extra strength and protection of the REI Co-op Base Camp 4 Tent. The main bodies of our other picks are structured with two main poles with added support from smaller brow poles.

However, my Ozark Trail Tent’s fabric started getting pretty soaked after just that 15 minutes of mostly light to moderate rain. I also noticed that the fabric of most of my Coleman Tents tend to stay dry in light to moderate rain, and would only start getting wet after 45 minutes to 1 hour of super heavy rainfall. As for my Ozark Trail 10-Person Tent, it was able to stay dry only for about 10 minutes of mostly light rain and some moderate rainfall, not even heavy rain. Claire Wilcox contributes outdoors coverage to Wirecutter. An avid swimmer, surfer, hiker, and camper, she currently lives on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, where she can be found, as much as possible, in water.

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If you a experienced camper like myself you would know that you have to use a tarp to cover your tent so that the water does not get inside when it rains. And you have to make sure that the zipper is closed well and also sprayed with a water repellent. But unfortunately, they are many morons out there that don’t know ozark trail chair the first thing about camping. I must say that nothing is waterproof, water resistant is a better term. I have found that the seams of the tent do drip a little when it rains (after all machines put tiny holes in things when they are sewn together) it is nothing that cannot be fixed with a little time and patience.

In contrast to the Mineral King 3’s triangular vestibules, the Tungsten 4’s vestibules are trapezoidal, opening via a central door with protected areas on either side. This design does a better job shielding the tent from incoming—and sideways—wind and rain. The Tungsten’s two brow poles create an especially effective awning over the tent door, so very little water gets in when someone comes or goes. Like most dome-style tents, the Wireless 6 withstands wind like a champ—it fared noticeably better than the Camp Creek 6 in 15-mph gusts. The continuous curve of the dome shape allows for wind to pass over and around it.

It ruined the vacation and some of us now have colds we’re trying to break. Took the tent back to Wal-Mart the next day and got a refund but it definitely ruined the weekend and some of us now have colds to fight off. I think the tents aren’t made with the quality of the older tents.

Walmart has some pretty great prices on Ozark Trail Tents, right now if you are in need of some camping gear to get started for camping season. It’s a great way to get started as they are so affordable. I love this as it keeps camping one of the most affordable vacations you can take, even if you need supplies to start. Their tents start at as low as just $29.97 for 3 people and $39 for 4 people tents!

It has everything you need for three-season camping, with the bonus of being light enough to double as an occasional backpacking tent. Although it’s designed to accommodate three people—hence the “3” in its name—we found that at 42.5 square feet, the tent is more comfortable for ozark trail chair two, plus gear and maybe a medium-size dog. Our only quibble with the Mineral King 3 is that it comes with only six stakes. (Our runner-up pick comes with eight.) Six is enough to secure the tent and fly but not to fully secure the tent’s extra lines in very windy conditions.

Thought the instructions could have been better, though. For the price, this tent served my wife and I well over several camping seasons in PA State Parks. I am now going with a four-season tent though as I’ll be traveling the country and who knows what weather I’ll run into. My cousin bought another brand and got lots of rain despite sealing it. She will now most likely get an ozark b/c of the results of my tent. Overall — hard to knock the bang for the buck this thing gave two people (car camping).

The included carrying bag does not have wheels to aid in transportation, but at only 29 lbs. We don’t find that to be a noteworthy drawback as the nylon handles and shoulder strap work just fine in carrying the tent. The canopy fabric is made of a lightweight denier polyester, offering water resistant features and 50+ UPF, which we love.

Despite having the smallest capacity of the tents we tested—42.5 square feet—the Mineral King 3 easily fits two people with a full-size mattress, or two sleeping pads, and gear. Two large vestibules add nearly 40 square feet combined—that is, 18.75 square feet on either side. Temperatures ranged from the 50s at night to the 80s during the day.