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The reflectors on the pedals couldn’t be removed. Schwinn offered new pedal pads without them, but I got around spending more money, by reversing them on their holders and putting black tape over them to make them invisible. Obviously, not in the interest of safety, but for the classic look I desired. Company policy stated that it must be assembled by the shop personnel.

One is a working horn that fits inside the tank, and operates from the chrome button on the side. The other, is a great looking tail light that is made to fit perfectly on the rear rack. It closely matches the look of the original bike. Also, they had a front light for the fender. These items are still available with a search of the net. The leather hub shiners have the Schwinn logo pressed into them.

Three other contemporary bike trends are related to cruisers. For decades, Latino car enthusiasts have been lowering the suspension on older American cars to build “lowriders”. Their younger siblings have begun building their own custom “lowrider bikes”.

The word “Deluxe” takes on a whole new meaning when used to describe the new 1980 Schwinn Deluxe Cruiser. This year’s new SpringFork smooths out the roughest roads, the distinctive gumwall balloon tires are the perfect combination of luxury and pedaling ease. Cruiser frame and fork feature durable steel construction and a vintage-inspired look schwinn mountain bike that’s always chic. Just grab your shades and a helmet and you’ll be riding in style. Featuring a wide, dual-spring padded cruiser seat is soft and supportive, while the handlebar’s upright stem provides comfortable riding position that’s easier on you low back. Some clearance product and price points may not be available at all locations.

One of the first uses of the term “cruiser” for motobikes may have been in the WW2 era, by Mead Cycle Co., who sold via mail-order bicycles of the brand names Ranger, Pathfinder and Crusader. The Crusader “Cruiser” model was the high-end men/boy’s bicycle, and included additional features, such as front headlight, rear rack, and most importantly, the motorbike tank. The low-end model, (also described in ads’ fine print as a cruiser), was the crusader “chaser,” and the ladies’ the crusader “clipper” and ‘cutter” models to complete the nautical theme in the product naming scheme. Navy Cruiser ships were depicted in the Mead Cycle Co. ads. 5-speed versatility, gutsy balloon tires and the reliability of the world- famous Schwinn cantilever frame.Forged steel front fork, heavy duty saddle and the “look” of a classic.

These bikes could be had with Sturmey Archer 3 speeds from England and had chromoly tubing. To popularize these bicycles they enlisted the help of Hollywood celebrities. Ronald Reagan is seen riding one in the 1947 Schwinn catalog. Cruisers are popular among casual bicyclists and vacationers because they are very stable and easy to ride, but their heavy weight and balloon tires tend to make them rather slow.